Best friend forever story.

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Friendship is the most beautiful feeling of life, all the relations in the world can be false but not the relation of friendship

The relation of friendship is the most special, a friend is always with you in your happiness and sorrow. There is only one friend with whom we can share all the feelings of our heart, with whom we feel good. Friends have fun with us, mischief, and understand us whenever we are upset. Friends are very special, they are not found so easily, because nowadays there are people who only pretend to be friends. We should always stay away from such people, they stop us from moving forward in our life.

One day he went to Rajasthan during a school trip, and unfortunately, both of them lost their way. While walking, both of them kept going inside the desert, due to which they got separated from their companions. It was very hot in the desert and both of them were walking for a long time, due to which both of them started feeling thirsty. Both of them were caught in big trouble, due to which they got upset and started cursing each other. Both of them started fighting with each other and there was a small argument between them, the argument escalated so much that Dinesh slapped Ankush. Ankush gets disappointed after Dinesh slaps him, and he doesn't say anything to Dinesh in response.

Ankush kept his mind calm and controlled his anger, and he bowed down. He wrote on the sand - Today my dear friend slapped me, which hurt my heart a lot. But still, both wanted to walk with each other without leaving each other's side. While walking, he saw a pond on the way, where he quenched his thirst. After this, both of them thought that by taking a bath there, their tiredness should be removed. As soon as he got down to take a bath, suddenly Ankush's leg got stuck in the swamp. Ankush started drowning in the swamp, and Dinesh pulled him out of the swamp with great difficulty.

Then Ankush bent down again and wrote on a stone lying nearby that you my dear friend saved my life. That's why Dinesh couldn't help but ask Ankush that when I slapped you, you wrote on the sand, and when I saved your life, you wrote on the stone, why did you do this? Then Ankush replied and said that we should forget all the bad things that happened in our lives and remember the good things that happened.That's why I wrote the bad things on the sand so that it would be erased quickly and wrote the good things on the stone so that it would be remembered forever. The wind of forgiveness will erase that thing written on the sand in a while, but whenever someone does good to us, we should write it on a stone so that even a storm cannot erase it. Always we should help people and try to forgive their mistakes. Your friendship should be made so deep that no matter how much fight or quarrel happens between you two, no one can separate you.

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