Most famous dangerous routes of world

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dangerous routes of world
  • Death Road Road : -

    It is also known as Yungas road. it is a cycle route of 60km and nearly 25000 tourist draws per year on this road. and 18 cyclist have died on this road in 1998.and the tourist road is about 64 km along with 3500m of the distance. It replaced the old Road built in 1930. it is very dangerous it it is world's most dangerous roads to travel . and its height is about 11975 feet are 3650m and climbs around 4650m Or 15260 feet. It state that nearly 200 to 300 people were killed each year on this road.
  • Snake Island: -
    It is second dangerous place to travel around the world. it is also known as Ilha da queimada Grande. It is Iseland off the coast of Brazil in Atlantic Ocean. its geographical area is 430,000 metre square Or 4600,000 square feet. and height is about 206 m and 676 feet. administrated by( ICM bio) means Chico Institute of biodiversity conservation. it is one of the dangerous place to travel around the world. in this place snakes below trapped on Island when rising the sea level. it is very dangerous place.
  • Lake Natron : -
    It is also known as soda lake or salt Lake. lake is located in Arusha region in Tanzania. It is a saline type of lake. its surface elevation is about 600 m or 2000 feet . and officially known as lake natron basin. it is principally fed by southern Nigro river which rises in Central Kenya. The alkalinity of the lake and reach the pH value of more than 12 with high levels of evaporation have left behind natron of ( sodium carbonate decahydrate) and ( sodium sesqui-carbonate dehydrated) .
  • Oymyakon : -
    It is also the one of the most dangerous places to travel around the world. it is located in Russia. and Shekha Republic is its Federal subject . and administrative district is Oymyskonsly. its elevation is 645 metre or 2444 feet. and population according to the Census of 2010 is 462 and estimated on 5 February 2018 is 500 to 900.and named after the oymyakon river. it is very dangerous place . It has two main valley's besides it.
  • Death Valley : -
    It is world fifth dangerous place to travel around the world . it is located in Eastern California and border the Great Desert basin. it is very hottest place on the earth or in the world. and its geographical rivers are Futnace Creek and Amargosa river. and its elevation is in (-86 m) or ( - 282) feet. and it's geographical area distance is 3000 square miles or 7800 kilometer square. and it is home to Timbisha. which is The Tribe of the native Americans.
  • Skelton Coast : -
    It is located in Northern part of the Atlantic coast of Namibia and South of angold from Kunene river. and its name is also used to explain the" Namibia desert coast ". and it is known as the "land God made in anger" by the bushmen of Namibia interiors region . and Namibia has declared about 16000 square kilometres Skeleton coast National Park. it is very danger place to travel around the world. it is sixth most danger place to travel around the world.
  • Denakill Desert: -
    It is the north-east desert of Ethiopia, southern Eritrea and North Western Djibouti. Which is located in Afar triangle . and inhabited by a few afar . who engage in Salt mining . and it is mostly known for its volcaneous and strongest heat . its temperature in day time is surpassing about 50 degree Celsius are 120 Fahrenheit . and its area elevation is 136,956 km square are 52879 square miles. It is world's seventh dangerous place for traveling.
  • Gates Of Hell : -
    It is 8th most dangerous places in the world for travelling . and it is very dangerous and it is found in the main regions of unusual geological activity, particularly ,volcanic areas or at near to the lakes, caves and mountains. and it was considered to be a way to entry in Hell . in the medieval period . And it is also known as the gates of hell and they are commonly depict asthe Jaws. and forming the Hell mouth of a huge and dangerous devil or monster. And an dangerous and ddar way or path for the entry in the Hell.
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