Top 10 place to visit ,when you are going on a trip

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before going on a trip must check this


According to area it is smallest state of India. It is the 4th smallest state according to the population of India. It is known for its beaches in all over the country. It is very beautiful in all the weather but in rainy season it is the most beautiful place to visit. There is a lot of beautiful beaches as Kalangut beach, Baga Beach, Panaji Beach, Meeramar beach and Dona Paula beach etc.There is also Kolwa Beach, Bugator Beach, Arjuna beach and Palolame Beach etc. Goa has always the topmost romantic place for couples in India. There is a lot of famous temples as Kamakshi Temple, Sapt Kheteshwar Temple, Shri shantadurga Temple, Mahalasa Narayani Temple, Bhagwati Temple and Mahalaxmi temple etc. Goa is situated on the bank of Mandovi river. You will see the culture and civilization of Goa in its monuments and historical places. And Bank of the river in different types of functions and programs. The popular game of Goa is football. You can also visit 7 national parks in Goa. As Bhagwan Mahavir National Park, Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary, Cotigo wildlife sanctuary and bondla wildlife sanctuary. in the list of the largest and beautiful Wildlife sanctuaries in Goa is Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary forrester. this is really a very beautiful place to visit.


The Andaman and Nicobar Island is really very beautiful place to visit. It has a lot of historical places, parks, zoo, beaches and Temple etc. There is children Traffic Park. it is really very amazing all the traffic rules are depicted on the wall in bold pictures in this Park. There is all the traffic signs in different types of designs. There is Gandhi Park, Marina Park, Carbyns Cove beach, Chatham Saw mill, Anthropological museum. the people from all over the world comes here and enjoy their trip. There is also Neel Island, Chidiya Tapu, Radha Nagar Beach. Radha Nagar is the top 8 beautiful beaches. There is also samudrika Marine, Museum elephant beach and diglipur etc. There is also a lot of famous and beautiful temples as Murugan temple Hanuman temple, Shiv temple, Lord Sri Ayyappan temple, Radha Govinda temple and Jain temple etc. Andaman and Nicobar Island is a unique and beautiful place to visit.


Kerala is a beautiful state of India. The capital of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram. The state language of Kerala is Malayalam. It is famous for its culture and Civilization in the whole world . There is 6 national parks in Kerala. Their names are Eravikulam national park,
Silent Valley National Park, Pampadum shola national park ,Mathikettan shola national park etc. There you can also see Tigers in Kerala zoo. There is also a lot of famous zoo in Kerala as Thiruvananthapuram zoo,Trissur zoo and museum ,Parassinikkadava snake park etc.
There is also some famous temples in Kerala as Shree Padmanabha Swamy temple, Sabarimala temple, Bhagwati Temple, Ambalapuzha Shree Krishna temple etc. There is also some historical places. You visit when you will visit Kerala Police top 10 Fort Cochin it is also called the heart of Kochi,Padmanabhapuram palace. it is also the largest wooden palace in India .Edakkal caves ,Thalassery fort and Vadakkumnathan temple etc.


Jammu and Kashmir
It is most beautiful union territory. There is a lot of tourist comes to visit here. There are a lot of buildings parks zoo and historical places to visit. There are five national parks in Jammu. They are very beautiful. Their names are Dachingam national park, Kazinga national park, Kishtwar national park, Hemis national park and Lalim national park etc. There are 13 famous and beautiful Wildlife sanctuaries in Jammu and Kashmir. As wildlife sanctuary high attitude National Park Jammu and Kashmir etc. there are some famous historical places as Hari Prabhat fort, Leh Palace, poonch fort, Bahu fort, Akhnoor fort and Mubarak Mandi place. The most famous temple in Jammu and Kashmir is Vaishno Mandir other also Raghupati Temple temple, Maa kali Temple, Naag Temple, Saraswati Temple andJay Mata temple etc.

5. Maldives

Maldives is also very beautiful place for trip. This is one of the most favourite destination of Bollywood stars for holidays, it is surrounded by water from all sides and it makes it more beautiful. there is a lot of water spots to visit. Maldives is a best place for Scuba driving. you can also do photography underwater. there are you can see a lot of different fushes and other aquatic animals. you can also see with your family the underwater things. there is a lot of historical places in Maldives. As tomb of muhammal, Thakurufannu, mosque, Grand Friday mosque etc. there are a lot of Park as Hulhumale Central Park, Sultan park, Rasrani park, Bageeha fini park etc. there is also a famous zoo. Which is known as Nigma zoo. Really this is a good place for visit.

6. Mauritius

Mauritius is a very beautiful and amazing place to visit. it is situated on the bank of Indian Ocean. there are a lot of places to visit as Le morne Brabant, Black river, Gorges National Park and Vannile Nature Park etc.
Pamplemiusses Botanical Garden is also known as sagar adventure museum. chateau de labourdonnais.It is a royal mention. it is very good place to visit. There are many Park as Nature Park, safari adventure, Splash N fun leisure Park, Heritage nature etc. there is a lot of temple as Sri Prasanna Venkateswara temple, Sagar Shiv Mandir, Hindu temple, Tookay temple etc.

7. Greece

Greece is a very beautiful place to visit as a trip. the capital of Greece is Athens. the national language of Greece is Greek. there is a lot of National Park
in Greece some as Mount Olympus national park, Vikos National Park, National Garden Prespa Aqua Park, and Paros Park etc. There is also a lot of zoo and aquarium in Greece. Tgey are very beautiful. These are Aquaworld aquarium and reptiles rescue Centre, Attica zoological park etc. there is a lot of historical places As ancient delpha, Aeropolis of Athens, Minoon place of knossos etc.

8. Bangkok

This is also very beautiful place for your trip. there is a lot of parks to visit as BenjaKitti part, Benjashree park, Queen Srikit park, chatuchak Park etc.
There are many beautiful zoo in Bangkok as Dussit zoo, Safari World, Bangkok aquarium etc. There are many beautiful places in Bangkok which you can visit as Wat Traimit, Wat phra keo, Rattanakossin Island etc.
There are some beeches which you can visit us Hua hin, Prachaup khiri khan 77110, Pattaya Bang, Lamung district, chon Buri 20150 etc.

9. Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its beauty and uniqueness. It is also famous for swiss cows-Say cheese on chocolates, zermatt and matterhorn.
the tablerone mountain, swiss fondue, swiss Treats -Luxemburaqurli and Laeckerli etc Switzerland is a Christian country. the amazing natural beauty of the Majestic alps,the placid lakes , Cosmopolitan cities and towering is it is a very rich country. there is a famous food is raclette and foundue, rosti etc.

10. Paris

It is a very beautiful place to visit. Paris is the capital of France. it is called the city of lights. there is Affil Tower which looks very beautiful. this place is also famous for its brade and Bakeri. This is the most likey place for tourists.
This is most beautiful historical places and parks etc. As Park des Buttles-chaumont, park minceau, Luxembourg etc. the highest park in Paris is Bous de Boulogus.There is a famous garden Touraine in paris. There is a musses de Loure, Arc De triomphe, Garvier Opera National park etc. Paris zoological park is very famous in paris

You Can Also Visit To Himachal In India Its Mini Switzerland 

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