About Us


About Us

We want computing for the important numbers to be as convenient as possible.

Whether you are simply computing calories to achieve your fitness goals, or writing a full financial report for your business, CalcHub is your partner in making every computation about anything fast, convenient, and reliable.

When time is a resource you cannot afford to waste, we are here to make computing for the important numbers quick and super easy for you and your team.

And speaking of teams, our free calculators are developed by experts who are passionate in making life easy through creative and innovative tools and software you can use anytime, anywhere.

“Do the math” with unmatched ease.

We love numbers, but we don’t expect everyone to have the same appreciation towards them. So with our extensive skills in software development, we are bringing you a wide range of calculators for just about anything.

From calories, loans, mortgages, to anything you need for a complete business financial report, we have calculators for both the simple and important numbers.

Our target is to bring out more than 150 different calculators for you to use with anything you need.

At CalcHub, language is never a barrier.

As a diverse team of experts, we are proud to say that we have people from all over the world. This allowed us to create calculators that are available in 6-10 different languages.

We never want language to be the barrier between you and the numbers you need. And we are making it possible.

A fancy widget for your Wordpress website.

Need a calculator for your Wordpress website? We have you covered. CalcHub is available as a cute little widget for any Wordpress website.

This makes computing for the important numbers easy for you, your team, and your clients.

Never have to be the one to explain all the numbers. Give them the opportunity to conveniently compute the numbers themselves.

All the numbers you need anytime, anywhere.

Forget about hopping into your computer to get the answers you need. Become a literal walking calculator.

We are available both on your laptop and on your smartphone. And whether you are using Android, iOS, or Windows, we have apps that are compatible across a variety of devices.

Indeed, with CalcHub, you will never open the calculator app that came with your laptop or smartphone.

Computing for the numbers you want and need has never been this accessible.

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